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Top 5 Vegan Summer Rosé Wines!

Top 5 Vegan Summer Rosé Wines! | Outbound Herbivore

Summer is here, and so is our Top 5 Vegan Rosé’s! Whether you’re having a BBQ, heading to the park, or having a low key date night at home, we got you covered with wines we’ve personally tried and tested. All fall into the $4-$17 price range because while we love wine, we also love a deal! We found them all locally but many are also available online.

You may be asking, wait, isn’t all wine vegan? Unfortunately no... Wine has traditionally been refined using casein (milk protein), albumin (egg whites), isinglass (fish bladder), and gelatin (collagen from animal bones). Ew, no thanks! Luckily wineries and winemakers are catching on and producing wines with animal-free components such as bentonite (a natural clay) or activated charcoal.

Enjoy the list and if you pick up a bottle, let us know how you enjoyed it!

Cortes de Provence Rose by Olema

Like a true Provence Rosé style, this rosé from Olema is crisp, dry and has the perfect balance of color, body, and bouquet.

We popped this bottle at the park while enjoying a beautiful sunny Seattle day. We noticed it changes a bit during the course of drinking it from somewhat bright strawberry, raspberry aromas to crisp citrus notes that really energize the tongue. It’s crisp, dry, and fruity, while not overly sweet. Everything works for this wine.  

Highly recommended at just $16.99 from Total Wine & More.

Josh Cellars Rosé
[Note: Josh Cellars is no longer vegan, as of December 2020 as reported on Barnivore]

We’ve been a fan of Josh Cellars for a long time! Honestly it’s our go-to rosé. It’s easy to find, it’s cheap at $10.99, and it’s delicious! Made in California, it is fermented cold to ensure maximum retention of bright fresh fruit aromas and to create a crisp and elegant rosé. There’s delicious aromas of strawberries and white peaches, bursts of citrus, and is on the drier side.
One of our favorite things to do with the Josh Cellars rosé is make it into a “frosé”. Just throw it in the freezer for a couple hours and shake it up a bit when you take it out. It turns into a delicious, frozen rosé. You can find this at Trader Joes, Total Wine & More, and even Target for around $11.00.

The Palm by Whispering Angel

We tried this wine by Whispering Angel because let’s be honest, that bottle looks so damn good! And we are SO glad we decided to give it a try! Crafted with grapes from Provence, the world-renowned rosé producing region in the South of France, The Palm is sure to bring style and sophistication to your summer sipping.

If the beautiful bottle doesn’t draw you in, then the taste will! The Palm has a fresh taste, followed by subtle, fruity notes. It is quite dry with a strong aroma of strawberries, raspberries, and other fruity aromas. We’d 100% enjoy this pool side, park picnic or just as a casual summer sipper. Or if you need a gift to bring to a party this is the one!

What’s there not to love about this dry, light, and crisp rosé? Especially at just $15.99 from Target.

SHAW Rosé by Chareles Shaw

In the last few years, Trader Joes has released Charles Shaw Wines made with organic grapes in three different varietals, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, and rosé. While it comes it at $3.99, slightly higher than the “2 Buck Chuck” Charles Shaw, it just might be worth it!

It’s nice and easy to drink, smooth with medium body with light acidity. Not too sweet, and refreshing! While it doesn’t stand up to the others on this list it’s just $4 bucks so we think it’s worth the price. While I don’t know if we’d go brag about it, this would make a great beach drink due to it’s easy-drinkability. Oh and it has a pop off cork so no cork screw needed!

Grab this next time you’re at Trader Joes!

Rosé d’Angou from Famille Bougrier

We saved our favorite for last. The Bougrier family has been in business for six generations and is located in the Loire Valley in France. This region offers variation in the soil and climate allowing for the Loire Valley to produce a variety of grapes, each with their own characteristics. And luckily for us, full flavored rosés tend to be one of the highlights!

The rosé is a beautiful salmon pink in color with hints of strawberries and red cherries. The palate is off-dry, medium bodied, crisp with succulent fruit flavors and a soft and round mouthfeel. The slight sweetness in this wine is balanced perfectly by a refreshing acidity with a long finish of sweet red cherries. Pour this before or after a meal as a little aperitif, or pair with a refreshing summer salad.

One of the best parts of this wine is the price, at just $12.99 from Total Wine & More.

This was really our favorite of the list and
left us saying:

> OH Must Have More! <
OH Damn This is Good!
OH I’d Buy This Again.
OH I Wish I Didn’t.


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